Rotary die-cutter

Our die-cutters work with so-called punching plates that are fixed on a magnetic cylinder. This saves a tiresome screwing or gluing.

Thanks to the futuristic drive system, continuously adjustable punch patterns can be realized with a single cylinder (by means of print mark registration). Speeds of up to 300 m/min have been possible so far without problems.

The drive is powered by servo motors that actuate the cutting cylinder (magnetic cylinder) and the counter pressure cylinder independently of each other.

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Technical details

> Web speed: up to 300 m/min
> Punching tools: 1-4 per cylinder
> Punching positioning via print marks (photocell)
> Programmable logic control with high-quality touch screen.
> Film thicknesses of up to 100 µm
> Web widths of up to 800 mm
> Free formats (different distances with the same cylinder circumference)
> Variable tool position during operation